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Steam: Login? Why?

I open my client (Geyblade), no new computer, no changed, login accepted but it's stupid shield goes on. Why did I have to do this? Oh this is sweet, I decided to buy something, then I wanted to ask on forums why I was logged in enough to get friend updates, dota 2 updates, but not to buy something or to post on the damn forums.
What is with Stem now? Not recognizing it's own client, well sort of? If your confused, you understand. Pretty slow too, wonder of the DDoS hit them as well.

Their security shield is bad enough but a captcha, something a key logger can be tested with, really why is it my fault if I just want a traditional logon? A simple entry, if someone is a thief how is it my fault? It's the crooks fault, not a security issue it's pointing the finger in the right direction.


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